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Arūnas Bielskis - artist, sculptor and blacksmith born in 1965 Lithuania. All his studies have been related to art and craft as he was interested in drawing, crafting and sculpting since childhood. He was studying at the former higher school of applied art in Telšiai during 1981-1987 specialising in artistic metal fabrication. Here he was able to explore various metal processing and fabrication techniques, such as metalsmithing, casting, sculpting and jewellery. For the past 25 years he is concentrating on blacksmithing as hot metal shaping and its qualities is just something that fascinates him the most. He is designing and creating various unique and bespoke sculptures and interior decorations for the exhibitions and home interiors. All his work comes with the years of experience and love and satisfaction with his practice.

Meet Arūnas Bielskis

Artist. Creator. Blacksmith.


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